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EREN-TES Expertises

Subsidiary of EREN Industries, EREN TES (“Thermal Energy Storage”) brings together the know-how of companies developing and implementing innovative technological systems; including well recognized ice storage technologies.

Combined in smart systems, they facilitate the rapid achievement of lower energy consumption goals required by the new standards. Depending on the configuration of the building and its specific energy needs, their implementation allow to:

  • Reduce significantly the amount of investments needed for heating/couling energy systems.
  • Generate important savings on the annual energy operating costs of the building.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions which is from now on an environmental obligation.

Advanced ice encapsulated (“IC”) technology allowing cold storage installations, easy to implement, flexible and evolutive, whatever the requested capacity and application of use.


High performance heat exchanger technology, made of plastic tubes, used in the manufacturing of various products for demanding thermal exchange applications in Buildings and Industries:

  • Cold storage containers for refrigeration / air-cooling systems (“Icebat”)
  • Captors for solar heat harvesting and recovery of water.

This company in which EREN-TES invested in equity, develops software for designing and operating low “carbon boilers”, which are improving performance and costs of:

  • Inter seasonal geothermal energy storage
  • Thermodynamic productions of heat and cold


AÏDEN, an integrated player dedicated to the energy and environmental transition of real estate assets, is a joint venture associating:

  • Accenta’s disruptive low-carbon technology (learn more - FRENCH)
  • Idex’s expertise in energy management and services
  • Eren group’s financial capabilities


EREN-TES, a subsidiary of EREN Groupe, is the bearer of innovative technologies and intelligent systems in these field. They will make possible to accelerate the energy transition of the building at a lower cost.